please dont go anywhere except a full service RW shoe store

no names, but wanted to comment that recently I have received a few emails from unhappy RW purchasers. The common theme is that feet are hurting badly and the boots had not been purchased at one of our full service Red Wing Shoe Stores.  In a couple of the cases I looked into in depth, purchases had been made at either a Marks or a small independent dealer, and in both cases the customer had purchased boots that we very much the wrong size and width.  A 10.0 EEE is no way the same as a 10.0 D.  It fits completely differently and will most likely cause discomfort. In both cases, the retailer only carried limited stock and "sold" the customer based on what they had in stock, not what the customer really needed.

We cannot help you if you purchase elsewhere, and really its absolutley worth the time and effort to wait until you can visit the RW stores. we will fit you professionally, we carry ALL the sizes and widths in CSA boots, and if there is a mistake, we will take care of it for you.



Refining our fitting service for on-line orders

Although most customers have a pretty good idea of their footwear size, when you switch to a different manufacturer or style of boot, your previous size should often just be regarded as an "indicator" of the corect sizing for a Red Wing boot.

To help you make the correct choice, we offer the services of an expert fiiting professional at one of our stores, who will gladly discuss with you the fitting issues to consider with particular RW styles, and also discuss any previous fit problems you have had with earlier boots.

This help is available on request, and can be done either by email or direct telephone contact. Just email us and we will set this up for you at a mutually suitable time.

One last point, if you place an order with us and the size selction seems to us perhaps a little "extreme".....we will contact you via email before we ship and go through it with you to try and verify that a good choice has been made.

Warranty on RW boots purchased elsewhere

We get asked quite a lot if we are part of the Red Wing Shoe Company and will therefore honor warranty for boots purchased at other dealers or on-line.

Unfortunately we cannot. We are a private Canadian company that just owns and operates several licenced Red Wing stores. Of course we honor warranties for any footwear purchased at one of our stores ...whether its the store you purchased it at or not. We can easily verify your purchase on our customer history files.

If you purchased elsewhere, the best thing is always to take your boots back to that retailer in person, and ask whether they or the Red Wing Company will stand behind the product.

We take pride in offering exceptional and personal service and our warranty policies are way more generous than you will find at other boot retailers. We do go out of our way to help where we can.

Anyone with questions or problems in this regard can feel free to email me any time