A thought for those of us who are concerned about the loss of the manufacturing base and employment in North America. Our best performance Red Wing Boots, the 2412 and 2414 are still made here, and not overseas.  They are really great boots and the vaste majority of wearers swear by them. So next time, take a look at it and keep in mind someones job and family income is supported when you buy these styles.


Below are links to some short videos taken at the Red Wing plants in North America.  Real people, with real families, making real good products.








By early Fall 2013, the style 2412 will be available in a black version. In all other respects , this new boot will be identical to the 2412.

NOW IN STOCK !  This is called style # 2416, and we have a full selection of all sizes and width in stock.


 A new feature introduced in 2012 is a 30 Day Comfort Guarantee on all RED WING brand CSA WORKBOOT footwear purchased after January 1st 2012.   The specific terms of this new guarantee are as follows:


  •              If during the first (30) days immediately following your purchase you are not satisfied with the comfort of your Red Wing CSA footwear for whatever reason, Red Wing will refund the purchase price to you, no questions asked, provided that you still have your ORIGINAL dated receipt of purchase.   No adjustment will be given without the ORIGINAL receipt of purchase.  You must return your footwear to the Red Wing Shoe store from which the footwear was purchased.  Only one return per customer.


     This is a great new feature and for new and repeat customers and offers a chance for a risk free purchase experience.  Please note, you MUST have your feet measured by our service professionals. Self fitting will not qualify. Refunds ONLY apply to the Red Wing branded footwear and NOT to any other items also purchased at the same time.



    Please note that we are no longer able to accept credit card payments over the phone. The Credit Card Issuing Banks now require that for all transactions, the customer AND the card must be present in the store at the time of purchase. Also, where a card cannot be swiped, we are now required to make copies of BOTH the card and personal ID. Sorry, these are not rules introduced by us, but by the financial institutions ( who have done so much to help you these past few years ! ). If you cannot get to the store to make a payment, we can offer payment by PAYPAL. You will be sent a Payment Request and can use you regular credit card to settle the Request. ( this is secure and works very well for both of us)



    We are very please to announce that stores are now stocking the top styles in the Red Wing "HERITAGE COLLECTION". These are styles and designs that were tried and tested and loved over the 100 year existence of the Red Wing Company. Hand Crafted and made with the finest materials, these shoes will give you an unbelievable experience. All stores carry some styles, but the greatest depth is carried at our BURNABY location.

    Check out the following link to our Heritage brand catalog  http://redwingshoes.ca/catalog/13


    HERITAGE VIP PROGRAM....after an initial purchase of a Red Wing HERITAGE COLLECTION style, you will become a "Heritage VIP" customer. This means that on second and subsequent purchases( on-line or in-store at one of our 11 locations), you will be eligible for a $25 rebate on your purchase. 


    We carry, in-stock, the largest selection of Heritage styles of any establishment in Canada. What we dont have in-stock, we will gladly special order for you, at no extra charge.




    Canada's best sources for Red Wings, Carhartt, Birkenstocks and Laurentian Chief, made in Canada moccasins.

    Redwing Shoes Logo

    Welcome to www.redwingshoes.ca This is the Canadian site for the Red Wing Shoes stores in Western Canada.

    The Red Wing stores in Alberta and BC are affiliated through joint marketing arrangements and cross support. You will find similar products and policies in all stores and warranties are honored across the system.


                           .  we will carry in stock, all styles and sizes of CSA work footwear that Red Wing makes, so as to be able in most cases to fit you and send you home with a great pair of well-fitting boots

                          .   to measure your feet at evey visit in order to be best able to get you that perfect fit, so you are comfortable, as well as safe, in your daily job.

                          .   to provide you with greatly superior customer service , as compared with other stores selling safety footwear

                          .   in the Carhartt clothing line, to carry in-stock, all core sizes in the basic items, so that your first visit will be the successful visit for the item you need

                          .   in the Carhartt clothing line, to provide you with better pricing than you have been used to in the past, and elsewhere,

                          .  to provide fast and efficient special ordering for any item you need. when we do not carry it in stock on your first visit

                          . to treat you with great respect as a customer and human being. We only ask that you return the courtesy  




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    Our Current Offers and Promotions




    Starting September 16, and running until supplies run out, receive an awesome 2013 model Carhartt DUFFLE BAG. Qualifying spend on any comination of Carhartt items is $200 ( net of any discounts you receive), and excluding taxes. Retail value of the bag is $34.99.  Attached to each duffle bag is a BARCODE TAG. This tag has a unique code number. SAVE THIS TAG. On December 1st 2013, we will post a list of numbers which will earn an additional prize. Come back to our website after December 1st and look for a link to the winning numbers, and the prizes associated with them ( prizes will include free red Wing Boots, free Carhartt, free socks , T shirts, belts, gift certificates,  and more ). Not responsible for lost tags. Tags must be produced to claim any prize. Ask at the store when you purchase your Carhartt clothing to register your tag number with them, then if you lose your tag, the registration will be deemed sufficient.  


    WINNERS ANNOUNCED !  Go to this link    http://redwingshoes.ca/node/252


    CARHARTT SEASONAL ROTATION SALE.....now is the time of year we try to turn over all our seasonal merchandise, and eleiminate some styles we no longer wish to carry in stock.To help us do that, each store is having a Carhartt Clothing clearance event sale....50% off selected styles. Hurry, limited sizes and selection, first come first sereved. Mens , womens and kids styles available. 





    Each store always has a selection of discontinued or otherwise clearance items. All are very attractively priced, but selection ands sizing varies from store to store and week to week. Very often its in the extreme sizes that we have a good selection of clearance items, so if you have very small, or very large feet, it might well pay to stop in and see what we have. 






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